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Privacy Policy (summary)

We at Leah Ley-Wilson understand the need for confidentiality and privacy in our field. As well as (of course) complying with privacy regulations, we will always take the greatest care with your details.

If you would like to know what data we hold on you or request that we delete it, please contact us.

We will never pass your information on to any third party without your explicit permission.

We have taken technical and organisational steps to ensure your data is held securely.

Data Privacy Policy (detail)

Who are we?

Leah Ley-Wilson Recruitment specialises in finding Permanent roles, predominantly in Scotland, for Recruitment professionals.  We do not deal with Temporary roles.  We have been serving the Scottish recruitment market since 1999 and were the first Recruitment to Recruitment company in Scotland to sign up to the REC Code of Good Practice.


Our privacy promise.

We process personal data for candidates and clients alike and we promise that we will use your data solely for the purpose of managing the recruitment process.  We promise we will not share your data with any third party without your specific request.  We adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 and we will continue to ensure we collect and process your data securely.


What data do we collect?

Our role as Recruiter is to collect and hold data about you to assist both candidates and clients, in securing a new role or a new hire as applicable.  The data we hold for candidates will include your name, contact details, CV and other details of your current and previous roles which you choose to share with us.  For clients, we gather publicly available data on your company and job descriptions both written and verbal.  As candidate, your personal data will not be shared with any potential employer without your full knowledge and prior permission.


The data we collect enables us to achieve the following services:

  • Understanding the specific career and recruitment needs of both candidates and clients
  • Assessing candidates’ qualifications and experience as suitable for specific permanent roles
  • Making recommendations of potential employers to candidates
  • Introducing candidates to suitable clients, with candidates’ prior permission
  • Submitting candidates written details such as CV to clients
  • Actively representing candidates to clients during the interviewing and decision making process


Security of your personal data

We have taken technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against unauthorised processing, accidental loss, damage or destruction.  Your data is held on a third party server and managed by a third party software company both of whom are themselves required to adhere to the same standards of data protection as required by law.


Using your data for marketing.

We do not pass your data to any third party for advertising purposes.  We do provide two facilities for you to receive information from us.  ‘Email new jobs’ and ‘Tell a Friend’ are available for you to subscribe and unsubscribe yourself via the website and any linked email.  You have full control of these two services via our website and none of your data is passed to any third party.


We do use Google analytics to help us understand from where visitors to our website have found us and we use this information to help us ensure our website is relevant to clients’ and candidates’ needs.  We do not collect any personal information from Google.


We also use social media to advertise our services.  These include Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  You have full control over whether or not you chose to engage with our social media content and the social media companies above provide their own privacy policies on their websites.



We use cookies on our website to enable us to improve our service.  This includes understanding how visitors use the site itself and making sure we understand what is relevant to your needs.  Using the settings in your own browser, you can opt to block all cookies should you wish.  Cookies will be limited to:

  • A session cookie set by the server – unused by us for anything
  • A cookie which stores your preference as to whether you have seen our cookie warning
  • A cookie which stores vacancies you have added to your favourites list
  • Cookies set by Google Analytics which gather anonymised visitor data.


You are in control of your data.

You have a right to request access to the personal data we hold for you.


You can email us at any time at leah@leahleywilson.co.uk to request us to: unsubscribe you from any of our services; update information we already hold for you; or delete you entirely from our database.  On receipt of a ‘delete’ request we will delete your statutory data, including your request to delete, once it has exceeded the statutory length of time.


Any written request should include your full name, any email addresses you have shared with us, a full description of your request and, if we request it, some form of identification to prove your ID.


Changes to this privacy notice

We will make any necessary changes to this privacy notice as required by any legislative changes going forward.


Contact Us.

For any questions on our privacy policy, please contact Leah Ley-Wilson at:


Leah Ley-Wilson Recruitment


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