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Specialists in recruiting experienced recruitment personnel for the Scottish recruitment industry.
Here are a few pointers in planning out your career in Recruitment. There is our regular 'Quick Tips' section below or you can hold your cursor over the circles and other advice will appear in the thought bubble. For a Black & White print-out of all the advice press the Easy Print button
For a Black & White print-out of all the
advice press the Easy Print button.

Quick Tips

Get the Basics Right first

Beware of building a job-hoppers CV. It will eventually come back to haunt you as employers will be wary of taking you on for fear that you will soon be off again. If you want more challenge, then do at least explore the possibility of first making an internal move. There may well be opportunity elsewhere in your current organisation.

Assess your own Life Needs
Find a quiet moment and ask yourself what it is that you want out of life.

Are you ambitious for position and money?
Do you want always to be learning new things?
Are you after the quiet life?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What makes you happy?
What particular skills have you already got,
and what skills would you like to have?
Show an interest - have questions of your own to ask
Once you have assessed your life needs then it is much easier to work out some clear aims for the coming months and years.
Where you want to work
What environment you want to work in
How much you want to earn
What skills you want to gain

...and lastly
In what timescale you want to do all this.
Ensure you know all about the Company:
Now you know what you want, you can start gathering information on potential employers, creating a 'Killer CV' and winning yourself interviews with
organisations that fit your needs. Either do this yourself or of course use us to find you a suitable 'fit'. Throughout the process, always keep your
eye on your original aims and enjoy the feeling of getting your career under control.

Leah Ley-Wilson Recruitment Scotland - Professional Recruitment Services Scotland – Specialising in providing quality Consultants to Scotland's Recruitment industry. Recruitment to Recruitment Services for the Scottish Recruitment industry. Experienced both within the Recruitment Industry and the wider Commercial and industrial world. Leah Ley-Wilson Recruitment are fellow members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP) and fully compliant with the REC code of conduct.

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