'Where Massage is Treatment not Just a Treat.'
Acer Glen B&B is also the home of Maple Leaf Massage, 'Where Massage as Treatment not Just a Treat'. Principal therapist Steve Bowsher has 7 years experience treating aches and pains, stresses and strains in Northern Scotland.

If able to enjoy an in-house treatment From Maple Leaf Massage you can benefit from a Holistic (relaxing) Massage, Sports Massage or Indian Head Massage. So after a days sightseeing, hill walking, shopping, working or undertaking one of the many highland challenges, like the Baxters Inverness Marathon, you can appreciate all the benefits of massage in the comfort of your B&B. For more details log on to www.mapleleafmassage.co.uk.

Residents receive a 20% discount, and, anyone participating in a major sports event for charity eg, Maggie’s Monster Bike and Hike, First Monster, or a charity fund raiser like a Lands end to John o’Groats challenge, can enjoy a free 30-minute treatment, before or after the event, if you stay in the Acer Glen B&B.
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Specialists in recruiting experienced recruitment personnel for the Scottish recruitment industry.

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What is your CV For?
Your CV should be designed to win you an interview with a potential employer. If you start with the assumption that any future employer will be looking at a score of CVs then you need to ensure that yours sticks out from the crowd. They will usually have one or two key criteria, e.g. specific industry knowledge, length of time in the industry etc., which they will use to decide who to interview.

So how do you create a killer CV?
Find out what are the employer's key
criteria and tailor your CV to fit.
Don't just say what you 'do', say what
you have 'achieved'. Show results.
Ensure the document is well presented,
has accurate dates and has no spelling mistakes.
Don't waffle or write too much (3 pages at the most).
Be positive about your strengths.
Be truthful.

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